Rosemary & Finch: New Studio Launch Party

January 4, 2024

A highlight of 2023 was renovating and moving into our beautiful new studio space! We felt showered with love and support as we welcomed our people to celebrate with us. It took a year and a half from the first day we started searching to the day in July that we moved and it couldn’t have been more perfect timing, just in time for fall wedding season.

Some of you will remember the super early days of Rosemary & Finch, when I had my first studio in the second story bonus room of my parents’ house. We would channel Rapunzel and drop a rope out the window, tie it to the hose, and pull it back up through the window to fill my buckets. My mom would do the ribbon for all the boutonnieres while I did every bit of design myself. It was homespun and janky and the perfect spot to start a business. 

My second studio was the one some of you know very well. Mine and Ben’s hunt for our first house included very odd stipulations because we were searching for a house that could double as a studio. We were thrilled when we found the Overcrest house with its cute little mother-in-law suite that we converted into my studio and then I proceeded to pack that 500 square foot space full of flowers for the next 8 years.

A lot of y’all have heard me speak passionately about slow growth and this new studio is the perfect example of that. I was getting desperate for more space in 2022 but the universe had other plans. This studio is the result of many small steps, many moments of choosing to be patient, many choices to take risks and do hard things. We spent almost an entire year searching for the right spot and I’m so thankful that we waited to find it. It was truly a dream to design this space exactly for what we need and what a joy it was to fill it full of flowers this fall.

Photographer: Kera Photography
Bar: The Aero Bar
Catering: Chef Amanda Lee
Cookies: Butterfly Bakehouse


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