Intimate Installation Intensive

Nashville Wedding Floral Designer // Rosemary & Finch

Lush floral installation on an old oak tree with natural vines and greenery with a profusion of white, ivory, and blush garden roses, dahlias, ranunculus, and wildflowers. Belle Meade, Nashville wedding floral design.

Sweet flower friend!

I see you on Instagram, drooling over amazing floral installations that you see luxury designers creating and dreaming of building them yourself.

I’ve been there, believe me. I remember feeling like no one would ever hire me to design a hanging installation because hello, I HAD NEVER DONE ONE. 

Here’s the inside scoop: whatever floral designs you’re putting out on social media and your website are exactly what you’re going to attract in your clients.

Nashville Wedding Floral Designer // Rosemary & Finch

Nashville Wedding Floral Designer // Rosemary & Finch

So, if you want to up level your business and start getting clients who want you to create installations, you have to start infusing your marketing with installations. Plain and simple, right? Nope.

WAIT MARY LOVE, how the heck can I afford that? You might ask. How can I afford to do multiple styled shoots to build that portfolio? Flowers aren’t cheap! And more importantly: I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M DOING. 

Enter the Intimate Installation Intensive. 

Think of it as a Masterclass meets Portfolio Booster.

I’ll teach you all my tricks and you’ll go home prepared to show future clients what you can create. Learn more about me here!

Here’s a secret: installations aren’t as hard as you think. If you can master a few techniques and understand some mechanics, you’ll be able to create anything you put your mind to.

Nashville Wedding Florist

Nashville Wedding Floral Designer // Rosemary & Finch

Nashville Wedding Floral Designer // Rosemary & Finch

What’s Included:

– Group creation of three large installations led by me, Mary Love. Once the attendee list is finalized, I’ll give the group a choice of which three installations you’d most like to learn how to build. These won’t be your straightforward arch or chandelier installs, we’re going to be suspending flowers and creating pieces of art from thin air!

A BAZILLION gorgeous flowers. Each installation will have its own color palette and I’m PUMPED for them – cannot wait to show you what I’ve dreamed up!

– A huge boost for your portfolio: professional photos of both behind-the-scenes and the finished installations!

– A gourmet boxed lunch from a local chef, catered to each attendee’s dietary preferences!

Group chat time in between each installation to rest, regroup, and answer any lingering questions.

SURPRISES! Trust me, you want to be there. 

Nashville Wedding Floral Designer // Rosemary & Finch

*payment plan available!

Nashville Wedding Floral Designer // Rosemary & Finch

Apply here! Once I’ve reviewed your application, I’ll send an invoice to complete your registration.

Remember: only 5 spots are available so this will fill up fast! Questions? Email me at


Nashville Wedding Floral Designer // Rosemary & Finch