How to get started as a floral design freelancer

New to Flower World? Want to get some experience?

My number one advice to floral design hopefuls: start freelancing. Don’t know how to get started? I’ve got your back. Check out my 2 part article on how to get started as a floral design freelancer!

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Hey, flower friends!

Do you struggle to develop (and stick to) profit margins? Would you rather spend 10 hours creating floral arrangements than have to spend one working on a spreadsheet? Are you swamped in emails? Have trouble booking quality clients? Or maybe you’re still waiting to book that very first client?

Meet Juniper Made.

After 6+ years and 175+ weddings with Rosemary & Finch, we’ve found that the only way to have true success as a home-based floral designer is by building some simple systems into your business. Just a few systems can help you create an evergreen, sustainable business that works for you. Not the other way around!

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Without Sacrificing Your Profit Margins or Answering Emails on a Friday Night!

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