Wildflowers in Slovenia

Slovenia is enchanting. There's no other word for it. Snowy alps, crystal clear aquamarine water, winter melting into spring... It felt like we were walking through Narnia and Aslan was returning! I just loved spotting all the wildflowers popping up to spite the cold. The lenten rose and crocus particularly caught my eye!

Lenten Rose in the Julian Alps
Crocus in Slovenia

Flower Shops in Istanbul

Ben and I spent the last week adventuring about Istanbul, and as we wandered down Istiklal Street we searched high and low for the rumored flower passage. An alley brimming with flowers failed to present itself; it seems that the flower shops have been replaced with pubs. However, we did come across several adorable flower shops scattered along the street. I wish I could bring a bundle of the gorgeous ranunculus home with me!

Ranunculus in Istanbul
Flower Shop at Taksim Square, Istanbul
Flower Shop in Istanbul
Flowers on Istiklal Street, Istanbul