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Read the experts • Find uplifting friends • Transform your business

Hey, boss friend.

I see you, working hard to build your business, learning and growing along the way!

Do you ever feel like there are a TON of courses available to “help”… but have no idea if the material will actually work for you?
Or maybe you’re a podcast junkie like me… but struggle to implement all of the advice you hear!

Then again, maybe you like to read business books. But you’re stuck in that place between reading and doing.

If you’re anything like me… think that learning new strategies and techniques that can transform your business is fun and exciting.

But soaking in the material and applying information in your small business is a challenge.

I’ve got your back, friend!

Badass Book Club
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Book Club for Entrpreneurs

 I’m Mary Love Richardson.

Owner of Rosemary & Finch Floral Design in Nashville, TN

I’ve been in business for 7 years and have spent a substantial amount of time and money on creative small business education. I’ve worked through tons of online courses, listened to oh-so-many podcasts, and read a plethora of books on entrepreneurship (especially as a creative). 

I’m a fan of all these formats for further education, but I have to say: 

Books are my favorite way to learn directly from the experts.




Three Reasons Why You Should Join the Badass Book Club:

#1. Decision Fatigue

There are just too many options. What books or courses are worth your time? What’s underrated? Overhyped?

None of us can afford to spend precious time on less than stellar material! 

…in the Badass Book Club:

We’ll only read carefully chosen books that I’m positive will speak to your heart and transform your business.

I’ve spent the time sorting through these books so you don’t have to!

#2. Lack of Motivation

Let’s face it, once you’ve picked a book to read, now the challenge is to get all the way through it.

There are so many pulls on our time and it’s hard to prioritize time to sit down and spend time educating yourself!

…in the Badass Book Club:

We’re building a circle of badass boss ladies who will encourage one another to keep going!

With new business pals to keep you accountable, we’ll all learn more and go further.

#3. No Follow-Through

“It’s going to change your life,” is a sentence that only applies if you do something with the information you read.

Too often we blaze through a business book, find it incredibly exciting and inspiring, then move onto the next one without actually putting all that new info to use.

…in the Badass Book Club:

Following through and applying the information is the only way that you’ll actually achieve transformation and expansion for your business. 

I’ll be the first to admit that it’s easy to consume all the podcasts and all the books, but slowing down to actually apply what I’ve learned is the most important part! We’ll band together to make sure our new knowledge is put to work through concrete action items, exercises, and group discussion.


Here’s the nitty gritty.

  • In 6 months, we’re going to read 5 books. (Not even 1 book per month! Less than a regular book club AKA YOU CAN DO THIS.)

  • 1 book we’ll be reading throughout the entire book club, just 1 or 2 short chapters a week.

  • The other 4 books: we’ll take 4 to 6 weeks for each book.

  • We’ll hold 2 to 3 video chat meetings per book to discuss and encourage.

  • 2 meetings will have the option to meet in person in Nashville!

  • You’ll receive the next action items at the beginning of each book.

  • We’ll have a private Facebook group where we’ll post action items and share our progress.

 Who is this for?

Any creative small business owner. Truly.
We’re going to be reading books that have a broad appeal and impact for all types of creatives and small businesses.

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 What’s Included:


  • 5 books. I want you to have physical copies that you can mark up and reference for years to come! Value: $70.52

  • 10 video meetings with the whole book club. (Option to join me live for 2 of them!) Value: $800

  • Strategic action items for every book so your time spent reading doesn’t go to waste. Value: $500

  • Private Facebook group where we build community and accountability. Value: $250

    Total Value: $1,620.52 



January 7 - July 1, 2019


Value: $1,620.51
What I’m actually charging you: $297

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